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Moments of inertia of plane area, I, in which the axis is in the plane of the area, are found in formulas for calculating deflections and stresses in beams. When dimensions are given in inches, the units of I (moment of inertia) are inches4.
This is the online bearing stress calculator to find the stress around the hole on the sheet metal plates.
This online rigid body analysis tool helps you to find the reaction forces when you enter the force acting on the rigid body. You can enter the amount of load, moment acting on the rigid body and the distance of reaction points to find the reaction forces.
This is the online matrix calculator which helps you to find the determinant, transpose, minors, inverse, adjugate of a matrix. You can also find multiplication calculator for the matrix.
This is the online Composite Sandwich Panel Stress Calculator to help you finding core and ply stresses as well as stiffness and deflection. You can also calculate shear crimping, composite skin wrinkling and innercell buckling.